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Brain injury & vocational rehabilitation specialists

Everyday Living Therapy is a Specialist Occupational Therapy practice focusing on rehabilitation of patients with acquired brain injuries, vocational rehabilitation and rehabilitation of patients with disabling conditions.

What do we do?

Our therapists are skilled in the assessment and treatment of individuals with neurological conditions. We focus on supporting our clients on being as independent as possible and improving their quality of life. We also provide the right support and advice that can help patients return to work.

For many people, having a disability does not mean that they cannot work. We recognise that people may require adaptations or adjustments to their job role or working environment to accommodate a change in physical or cognitive ability.

We are passionate about the importance of work and the reliable structure that ‘being in work’ provides, not only the financial reward but also the psychological benefit of being in work.

Everyday Living Therapy has built a reputation, primarily through word of mouth, for finding creative and innovative solutions to individuals’ requirements.

Experienced, passionate and empathetic Kim Emery is as skilled at identifying physical and cognitive impairments and their impact on a client’s everyday function as she easy to talk to. This means that she provides a highly professional, but comfortable and understanding approach.

Kim Emery

Lead Therapist & Company Director

Our Team Approach…

Our aim as a team would be to assist anyone who wants or needs further support and therapy. We do this in the following stages…


Thoroughly assess the impact of the injury or illness on your level of function and independence.


Finalise a mutually agreed, goal orientated treatment program tailored completely to you and your needs.


Support and assist you to break down the barriers that have been left behind by your illness or injuries and enable you to adapt and grow with new skills, self-esteem and improved function.

Who are we?

Everyday Living Therapy was set up in 2011 by Kim Emery, the Lead Therapist and Company Director. By gathering a team of experienced specialists, she was able to reach more people and cater to a wider range of specific needs, improving the quality of life for even more clients across the south east.

Providing high quality yet cost-effective neuro-specialist occupational therapy our small team can focus on the needs of individual clients to create effective and comprehensive therapy packages to meet each client’s unique situation.

Our team at Everyday Living Therapy has experience of working alongside people with many different neurological conditions which allows us to help a wide range of patients.

Who can we help?

We regularly work with self-referring individuals, clinical commissioning groups, case managers and under the instruction of personal injury specialist lawyers.

As a mobile service, we cover East and West Sussex, parts of Kent, Hampshire and Surrey. We can visit the client at any location from home, work, hospital and care facilities. In addition, we also have the capability to offer remote video calls where the client feels this is more suitable for them.


Why should you pick us?

Because we care about you and want to help you achieve your work goals.

We want all our clients to reach their full potential, therefore our aim is to break down any barriers in the way of a person with a disability achieving this. We accomplish this through client centred, goal focused therapy and a holistic approach, producing original and innovative solutions.

We have a broad range of specialist skills at our disposal and over 16 years of rehabilitation experience to draw on across private, statutory health and social care sectors.

Our holistic approach actively encourages involvement from friends, relatives, carers and other health care professionals to fully achieve client goals.

The team has been carefully hand-picked to provide individuals with the specialist help they need, covering a multitude of clinical skill areas. This allows the referrer, or client to make use of the following additional areas of support:

  • Driving advice and assessment.
  • Client specific manual handling training.
  • Bespoke training packages for rehabilitation support teams, clients and families.
  • Return to work assessments, support and advice following an injury or illness.
  • Seating assessments.
  • Workstation assessments.
  • Home adaptation and equipment advice.

For quality assurance, our team of occupational therapists at Everyday Living Therapy are all:


  • Registered as members with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC)
  • Hold Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Members of the British Association of Occupational Therapy (BAOT) or relevant professional body
  • DBS Checked

Case examples…


We were asked to meet with Client 1 to provide a professional view on his capability to work. A brain injury as a child had left conditions such cognitive issues and cortical blindness making day to day life very limited and frustrating as he was reliant on others for large proportions of the day.

Through education in modern communication devices using voice recognition controls he was able to change his role and become the person who helped other people for a change when using modern IOS systems. An improvement in mood and independence led to him being able to run a small online business.


Word of mouth led Client 2 our way for support when leaving the hospital after a long-standing neurological diagnosis, and recent surgery for the removal of a tumour on the spine.

Our role was to bridge the gap between the NHS hospital and community rehabilitation services, stopping the need for further inpatient treatment.

Not only were we able to allow the client to continue their rehabilitation in their home environment, we were also involved in the planning and organising of the discharge process. This involved training carers in the use of equipment designed to improve the client’s mobility and ensuring the client would be cared for in the correct way.


After a significant fall and multiple orthopaedic injuries we were asked to support Client 3 with equipment provision and assist with the return to work process.

Our assessment made it clear that on-going physical and functional limitations meant the client would require a considerable amount of rehabilitation before a return to work was possible.

Over a few years, our team worked alongside his case manager and physiotherapist to work towards the final goal, and although there were several complications and setbacks along the way Client 3 now runs his own business and, importantly, is enjoying his work.


What our clients say…

I have worked with Kim on a complex ABI client. I have been impressed with her creative and ‘can do’ approach to ensure the very best outcome for the clients she works with. They are lucky to have her as their OT. 

Case Manager

Three Case Management

Your care and attention has helped me unbelievably, I really don’t know where I would have been without you. Certainly not in such a good position that I am in now.



Thanks to receiving help from the team at Everyday Living Therapy  LTD  ‘I’m now back at work – working full time!” My occupational therapist was very engaging, thorough, always on the case and on top of things, constant updates – very individualised/customised care.



Kim assessed my needs at home and at my work. She was quick to pick up on things that could cause problems for me and had many suggestions to make my life easier. One of my most useful possessions is my motorized triride wheelchair, it has made a world of difference in helping me get about. Kim researched it and came along with me to assess different options with the supplier. Knowing that I was an ex-motorcyclist she also thought to specify a twist grip throttle for it! Before occupational therapy I was pretty much housebound. Driving was difficult as my disabilities made a manual vehicle challenging. I could not sit at a desk to work for long without discomfort. Now I have a motorized wheelchair, an automatic car with a wheelchair hoist in the back, a height adjustable desk and customized chair, all things that have made my life much easier. Kim was very approachable and easy to talk to. She had lots of ideas and suggestions but was also ready to listen to my own


Hampshire/Surrey Border

Kim from Everyday Living Therapy has been everything you would want in an occupational therapist.

I have found her to be friendly and professional at all times. Going above and beyond for the latest innovations to help my son.

She has helped my son develop and overcome obstacles or implemented things that we would never have thought about to help him in his everyday living and achieving his goal of being independent. Always at the end of a phone or E-mail when needing advice, nothing is ever too much trouble.

I highly recommend her!