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About Us

“In our experience, regardless of their injury, individuals thrive on learning through doing…we use this a lot in our approach”

Kim Emery

Kim Emery

BSc (Hons) OT

Kim qualified in 2003 and has been working in her specialist field of Neurology since 2004. During this time Kim has become so inspired by ensuring that services were delivered in the best possible way to the clients she worked with. Kim went on and completed further Masters level study in Service Delivery and Neuro rehabilitation and further clinical study related to Vocational Rehabilitation to complement her work, and in her spare time set up Everyday Living Therapy LTD.

Kim is passionate about the lives of all individuals living with long-term neurological conditions and is extremely experienced in working within the specialist field of Acquired Brain Injury. Kim thrives by giving her clients every chance to succeed regardless of their injury or disability. Kim has the skills and acquisition to listen and work collaboratively with all of her clients, breaking down the barriers of their disability to get the best functional outcome.

Kim’s specialism is vocational rehabilitation to help her clients get back into the workplace.

Iain Wilkes

Iain Wilkes

BSc (Hons) OT

Iain qualified in 2013 and is skilled and experienced across all elements of Neuro Specialist Occupational Therapy and has a particular interest on the longer-term impact of a client’s quality of life whilst living with a progressive neurological condition. Iain also has a breadth of expertise working within the field of Acquired Brain Injury, and working in a methodical, holistic and considered fashion to ensure his clients reach their functional potential. Iain has a calm and reassuring nature and works well with our complex client group. More recently Iain has been undertaking additional training to support with the development of our Neuro Specialist Hand Therapy Service.

Iain’s specialism is treating long-term neurological conditions with a specialist interest in Parkinson’s and Acquired Brain Injury including stroke.

Helen Jones

Helen Jones

DipCot, MSc

Helen has been qualified since 1993 and has vast clinical experience in the rehabilitation of individuals with complex neurological conditions and a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation and Research. Helen delivers high quality, compassionate interventions in community access, daily living skills, transitions to independent living and transitions from hospital.

Helen’s role within Everyday Living Therapy also supports the operational oversight of the service, alongside Kim Emery (Owner and Clinical Director) ensuring that the team at Everyday Living Therapy are delivering a high quality service through following recognised evidence-based practices, are certified for any standardised assessments completed, are receiving clinical supervision and meet The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) Standards of Proficiency and Royal College of Occupational Therapy Professional Standards to a high level.

Helen’s specialism is in the field of working with our clients who have complex neurological presentations as a direct result of their brain or spinal Injury and addressing all aspects of their rehabilitation, including advising and offering client specific team training on moving and handling needs if required.

Sophie Green

Sophie Green

BSc (Hons) OT

Sophie qualified in 2012 and has a varied and extensive range of experience within the field of Neurorehabilitation with a particular focus in addressing the complex needs of clients who have suffered a stroke, traumatic brain injury or spinal injury. Sophie is always exploring opportunities to develop herself further in her career as an occupational therapist to give her the necessary additional skills to ensure she can support her clients to achieve their best outcome.

Sophie’s specialism is helping her clients get back to driving and living life. She has been awarded a further post graduate certificate in driving assessment and outdoor mobility which has provided her with the expertise to successfully support clients in facilitating a safe return to driving. This includes understanding certain medical conditions in relation to driving, the use of assistive technology and the understanding of vision and cognition in relation to driving. Beyond this she is able to support explorations to ensure a suitable car is found.

Matt Cooper

Matt Cooper

Neuro Specialist Rehabilitation Assistant/Technician

Matt is a great asset to our team. He supports the rehabilitation process of our clients once a routine, system or structure has been established and supports to encourage our clients under the guidance of their therapy team to embed strategies and deliver targeted functional activity or graded return to work programmes to address their priority functional goal areas. Matt has been working in the field of neuro rehabilitation since 2009. He is an experienced Neuro Rehabilitation Assistant and has a fantastic skill set to support the development of our clients’ confidence and identity.

Matt’s specialism is in working with clients with Acquired Brain Injury, delivering targeted neuro behavioural optometry exercises under the guidance of the client’s therapy team and optometrist, embedding the use of cognitive strategies into everyday function and supporting our clients to see the value of their rehabilitation through facilitation and mastery.

Julian Green

Julian Green

IT Consultant

Julian is our in house, qualified Information Technology Consultant. Julian works with our team on a part time basis. Julian has a background of working in change management environments. More recently, Julian discovered he could use his IoT expertise and make a difference in supporting therapists and clients in the field of neuro rehabilitation. Julian joined Everyday Living Therapy in 2021 and works in very close collaboration with our team and visits jointly with our client’s Neuro specialist Occupational Therapists to carry out specialist assessments and provide recommendations that will utilise up-to-date smart technology in supporting clients to improve their safety and level of independence at home and within the community.

Julian’s specialist knowledge and experience has enabled our clients to remain or return to their home environments through the use of bespoke set ups of technology equipment which support and compliment their Neurorehabilitation treatment programme.

Our Quality Standards

Service Delivery:

  • All therapists providing services on a consultative basis through Everyday Living Therapy hold professional qualifications in their specific field of practice and are sufficiently trained, experienced and qualified to meet the demands of people with complex neurological presentations.
  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy intend to deliver innovative ways of working to encourage self-management rehabilitation programmes and tele-monitoring where appropriate.
  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy are based on up to date research evidence.
  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy actively involve social care/local authority to ensure clients’ care needs are appropriately managed throughout their rehabilitation pathway.

 Response Times:

  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy will be delivered in an acceptable time frame depending on client needs.


  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy will aim to access the right professional, with the right skills mix at the right time.
  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy will provide access to vocational rehabilitation in a timely manner for clients who wish to resume paid/unpaid work.
  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy will endeavour to provide a seamless transfer of care between rehabilitation and long-term care needs
  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy with aim to achieve the highest level of self-management and independence as possible for all clients.


  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy will carry out baseline outcome measure assessments as part of the initial assessment phase of the rehabilitation program.
  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy will carry out regular reviews of the client and re-assess their progress and on-going rehabilitation needs at regular intervals, including the completion and updating of outcome measures.
  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy will offer an agreed documented goal focused rehabilitation plan that is agreed with the client, carer and family where appropriate.


  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy will provide goal-orientated rehabilitation where goals are identified and set jointly between the client and the multi-disciplinary team.
  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy will only be delivered if consent is given by clients to actively participate in their rehabilitation programme.
  • Rehabilitation provided by Everyday Living Therapy should continue as long as the client continues to have rehab needs, as agreed with the client and the MDT.

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