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About Us

Kim Emery

With nineteen years’ experience and through extensive studying, Kim has developed excellent skills in carrying out and interpreting functional and standardised assessments to go alongside her passion for delivering high-quality rehabilitation.

She employs a high level of skill when identifying physical and cognitive impairments and their impact on a client’s everyday function as well as a good understanding of the challenges, process, and professionalism required, particularly when dealing within the field of medico-legal compensation claims.

“In our experience individuals regardless of their injury thrive on learning through doing…we use this alot in our approach”

Iain Wilkes

Iain Wilkes

Skilled and experienced across all elements of Neuro Specialist Occupational Therapy Iain has a particular interest in fatigue and lifestyle management.

Employed as a visiting lecturer at the University of Brighton on subjects such as neurorehabilitation and Parkinson ’s disease his thirst for knowledge and excellent academic record ensures he is always up to date with the latest information.

Sophie Green

Sophie Green

A skilled and experienced neuro specialist occupational therapist Sophie’s particular focus is in addressing the complex need of patients who have suffered a stroke or traumatic brain injury.

A positive and compassionate person, Sophie’s communication skills match her ability to cut to the heart of complex matters and confidently manage clinical uncertainty.

Helen Jones

Helen Jones

Helen is a highly skilled and experienced Neuro Specialist Occupational Therapist with a Masters degree in Rehabilitation and Research and over 28 years experience.

Helen delivers high quality, compassionate interventions in community access, daily living skills, transitions to independent living and moving and handling. She is passionate about working alongside clients to develop bespoke, goal-based meaningful treatment programmes that enable visible success in bringing as much independence as possible to their everyday lives.

Helen is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and Information Commissioners Office. She is a specialist and professional member of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists.

Matt Cooper

Matt Cooper

Matt is an experienced Neuro Rehabilitation Assistant, with over 18 year experience in the care industry. He can provide support to clients and clinical practitioners within the Sussex and Hampshire areas.

Matt has worked with young adults with mild learning disabilities and adults with traumatic brain injuries, either directly or within a management role. He is experienced in working alongside Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Speech & Language Therapists to ensure that clients are supported effectively under the professional guidance of their multidisciplinary team.

Matt can follow specific guidance to support an individual with their rehabilitation program to meet their aspirations, objectives, and goals. He also has experience supporting clients that have needed input from behaviour specialists such as Neuropsychologists, Neuropsychiatrists and Counsellors.

Our Quality Standards

Service Delivery:

  • All therapists providing services on a consultative basis through Everyday Living Therapy hold professional qualifications in their specific field of practice and are sufficiently trained, experienced and qualified to meet the demands of people with complex neurological presentations.
  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy intend to deliver innovative ways of working to encourage self-management rehabilitation programmes and tele-monitoring where appropriate.
  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy are based on up to date research evidence.
  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy actively involve social care/local authority to ensure clients’ care needs are appropriately managed throughout their rehabilitation pathway.

 Response Times:

  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy will be delivered in an acceptable time frame depending on client needs.


  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy will aim to access the right professional, with the right skills mix at the right time.
  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy will provide access to vocational rehabilitation in a timely manner for clients who wish to resume paid/unpaid work.
  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy will endeavour to provide a seamless transfer of care between rehabilitation and long-term care needs
  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy with aim to achieve the highest level of self-management and independence as possible for all clients.


  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy will carry out baseline outcome measure assessments as part of the initial assessment phase of the rehabilitation program.
  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy will carry out regular reviews of the client and re-assess their progress and on-going rehabilitation needs at regular intervals, including the completion and updating of outcome measures.
  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy will offer an agreed documented goal focused rehabilitation plan that is agreed with the client, carer and family where appropriate.


  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy will provide goal-orientated rehabilitation where goals are identified and set jointly between the client and the multi-disciplinary team.
  • All services provided by Everyday Living Therapy will only be delivered if consent is given by clients to actively participate in their rehabilitation programme.
  • Rehabilitation provided by Everyday Living Therapy should continue as long as the client continues to have rehab needs, as agreed with the client and the MDT.

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