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Everyday Living Therapy has a broad range of specialist skills at its fingertips and over 16 years of rehabilitation experience, working across private, statutory health and social care sectors.

It is our ethos to be holistic. Therefore, to support us and help our clients achieve their aspired therapy goals we actively encourage involvement from friends, relatives, carers and other health professionals.

Everyday Living Therapy believes in and understands the benefits of using purposeful cognitive strategies alongside everyday living tasks, to support people regardless of their illness or disability.

Comprehensive Neuro Specialist Occupational Therapy Assessments

Our assessment takes into account the holistic needs of our clients, from their difficulties with basic activities of daily living right through to re-establishing roles, routines and responsibilities.  If there is something you would like us to home in on during our assessment process, we will happily oblige.

Cognitive assessments for functional difficulties such as driving, cooking, working

We have a variety of standardised and non-standardised methods of understanding an individual’s problem that may be associated with memory, attention and thinking skills. The tools that we use within our practice are selected based on the specific needs of our clients, rather than completed as part of a process.

Cognitive rehabilitation through the use of purposeful activity

Regardless of an injury, individuals thrive on learning through doing. As such, our team of therapists use this approach throughout their work, homing in on the things that are most meaningful to that particular client.

Enhance quality of life, by exploring hobbies and interests

We take the time to get to know the individuals we work with so that we can incorporate their interests and focus as integral elements to their rehabilitation process. We use every day functional based tasks and activity, grading and adjusting tasks depending on the client’s ability.

Integration into your local community

Being in and/or feeling part of your community following injury can be a daunting experience. As part of our team’s approach, we are ready to support our clients to relearn, rehearse and develop to help build confidence. Particularly regarding road safety, personal safety awareness, orientation and integrating the use of cognitive strategies when in the community.

Energy conservation and fatigue management strategies

Understanding the impact of fatigue on function often forms part of an individual’s rehabilitation process. Our team of occupational therapists are equipped to help clients form a better balance of activities to gain an improved quality of life.

Return to work advice and support

Returning to work following injury or prologue ill health can feel overwhelming, often individuals feel at a loss when attempting to navigate back to work. Our team are highly skilled and equipped to support employees and employers find their route back to work.

Functional capacity evaluation

FCE is not only a useful clinical tool, but also a baseline for industry-standard results that clearly define an individual’s transition from injury to employment, and from disability to deployment. Cited 31st May 2020 https://www.roymatheson.com

Vocational profiling

This is a structured approach to support the individuals we work with to explore their level of functional identity. In turn, we are able to establish a deeper understanding of the individual’s personal interests, hobbies and motivators in life that will contribute towards the focus and direction of the rehabilitation process.

Transferable skills analysis

A careful analysis of an individual’s skill base within and outside of work, to identify skills that may be useful should the individual need to change career path.

Work demands analysis

A careful analysis of the physical, cognitive and environmental demands of a work role, to assist with identifying options for reasonable adjustments to support an individual to remain in work, or supporting in finding a suitable match for a client when considering other job roles.

Bespoke manual handling training and advice

We have on hand our very own occupational therapy colleagues that are certified Manual Handling specialists and can offer bespoke client specific, carer and support worker manual handling training.

Interval summary reports for both the client and those involved in their care

Our team are great communicators and like to keep the individuals we work with up to date with progress reports within our sessions and/or following a block of treatment. Should you require something more bespoke we would be happy to discuss your needs on a case by case basis.

Support and information to allow you to self-mange where appropriate

The focus across our team of occupational therapists is to enable, support and encourage our clients, their support teams and families to learn and adjust. We adapt our approaches and methods to work for them. This way the individuals we work with will in time learn to self-manage, using a small bespoke ‘Occupational Therapy tool kit’ of their very own.

“We specialise in supporting people with neurological conditions return or retain their job…”

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