Our Services

It is our ethos to be holistic and therefore to support us, and help our clients achieve their aspired therapy goals; we actively encourage involvement from friends, relatives, carers and other health professionals.

Everyday Living Therapy has a broad range of specialist skills at its finger tips and over 12 years of rehabilitation experience working across private and statutory health and social care sectors.

Everyday Living Therapy believes in and understands the benefits of using purposeful cognitive strategies; alongside everyday living tasks, to support people regardless of their illness or disability.

  • We use a combination of standardised and non standardised assessment tools to establish a comprehensive baseline of an individuals level of ability.
  • We support our clients in identifying areas that they are having difficulty
  • We assist our clients to prioritise the most important areas of everyday living that they would like to improve.
  • We establish specific person centred goal focused therapy treatment plans, which are agreed between our clients and therapist.
  • We always work closely with our clients, families and care teams to optimise the progress made within their rehabilitation to achieve our clients maximum level of independence.