Everyday Living Therapy specialises in supporting people with neurological conditions return or retain their job. Our therapists are skilled in the assessment, negotiation and implementation of work, providing the right support and advice at the right time.  For many people having a disability does not mean that you cannot work;  we recognise that people may require adaptations or adjustments to their job role or working environment to accommodate a change in physical or cognitive ability. We are passionate about the importance of work and the reliable structure that ‘being in work’ provides.


Vocational rehabilitation is an umbrella term for a process that can help support people with returning to work, enabling people with: functional, psychological, developmental, cognitive and emotional impairments or health disabilities, to overcome barriers to accessing, maintaining or returning to employment or other useful occupation.

At Everyday Living Therapy, we recognise the value of work, not only the financial reward, but also the psychological benefit of being in work.  We offer bespoke vocational rehabilitation services, to support in getting yourself or a member of your team back to work following a spell of long-term sickness.

Our Bespoke Vocational Rehabilitation Services Offer:

  • Individual needs and ability assessment.
  • Workplace demands assessment.
  • Transferable skills analysis.
  • Practical workplace advice.
  • Practical recommendations to improve access to the work place for individuals and/or employers.

Everyday Living Therapy is a member of the Vocational Rehabilitation Association

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