Who We Can Help

Members of the public living with illness or sustained an injury.

Everyday Living Therapy can offer effective and innovative rehabilitation approaches to people who have a physical, cognitive or communication difficulties; which are impacting on their individual, family or carers ability to complete everyday activities including work, leisure and household chores.

Case Managers

Everyday Living Therapy offers an outstanding high quality service with prompt and timely responses to enquiries, assessment requests and providing written reports. We work to accommodate not only the needs of your clients, but aim to work closely with all case managers to ensure that our involvement collaborates with that of all professionals involved.

Assisted living, Residential and Nursing Care Home Providers

We understand that services providing care to people with physical, cognitive or communication difficulties hasĀ its challenges. Experience has proven that people living in supportive environments can become unwell and this can impact on the persons level of function and their ability to participate in the activities they use to, prior to becoming unwell.

Everyday Living Therapy has the scope and ability to support your residents in regaining their independence by offering assessment, individual treatment sessions and staff or family education sessions delivered directly within the persons home or care establishment.